Advantages & Disadvantages of Brochures

A brochure is a popular method of marketing for the company’s products and services. It plays a vital role to form the company’s brand identity and expand its customer base. Even though, the brochures are brief and short, they can effectively capture the attention of the expected consumers. While an appealing brochure design is regarded as a worthy advertising element, it has its own drawbacks.

Advantages of Brochures:

Brochures provide a wide range of ideas as far as designing and decorations is concerned. Even you just put pictures on various folds on the brochures; each will be representing the detailed information as a mentioned. Additionally, you can select from variety of templates for your respective brochure designs.

Time effective:
A brochure is considered a significant tool as compared to any other advertising forms. And there is no requirement to craft brochures for a particular target customer or even for a group of people, and as it allows sending large customers via mail.

Brochures are considered as a brief and compact as well. This quality makes them more adjustable and flexible in the context of advertising and portability. People can easily carry along with them; as because of their shortness, companies highly prefer for the brochure rather than a flier as an advertising tool.

Disadvantages of Brochures:

Expensive for materials and prints:
As the brochure is multipurpose and flexible, so it costs more as compare to other advertising forms. Therefore, you require hiring an expertise or professional advertising agency and graphic designer to equalize the difference in the subtle nuances in margins and brochure fonts.
Furthermore, the companies need to produce brochures in a large quantity so it sustains them a great amount of income in the print and material.

Space restrictions:
The brochures have some restrictions in a space to display products or services. They offer information in bulleted points; whereas pictures alone are unable to satisfy the readers. Basically, consumers require information rather than just attracting pictures.

High distribution costs
Generally, brochures are created by considering the particular customers, so you need to pay for mailing and propagation costs to the distribution process. As because of having more than one type of distribution; eventually, this will transform into more overall cost in the end.

Environmental Hazard:
Brochures are not regarded as eco-friendly methods for advertising and promotion. Mostly, they are reproduced before they are completely finished, therefore they are harmful to the environment.